Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Moving Up 2016

Every mother wants to see their little ones an achiever. It makes us feel so proud that they are doing good in what they are doing. It maybe be to early to say that they are successful since they just begun. I'm telling you, the feeling is so different.

During the deliberation, I'm may be hypocrite if say I'm not expecting any because I know my Sundae is no ordinary kid, I-m expecting that she will get the Excellent Pupil, but she only got Outstanding Pupil. I understand because her writing interest is very low. She complains getting tired of it to her teacher.

But overall I'm still happy and proud of what she got. The Most Articulate award is still on her.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

God's Grace

Imagine how wonderful our place was. But how sad that most us don't care much how to preserve it for our future generation. My Sundae is only 5 and I'm thinking how she and her next generation would get from the nature.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Fingerpainting: Weekend Bounding

Since I only got to visit my Sundae every two weeks, I make sure that I will have time to play with her. I don't schedule visits with my friends so my two-day stay will all be spent with her. Last weekend, (Feb 13-14, I really have a hard time to post but I make sure that at least 4 times a month I will be able to update this) this is what we did, finger paint!

She has been asking me to buy this since last month but I always forgot so I just brought something else, either a coloring book or a food she saw at the tvc. Since we got a chance to go to SM Lucena on Jan. 30, she reminds me to look for this.

At first the sales lady at National Bookstore don't know what finger paint is. She heads us to the watercolors. Since their we found none, Sundae settles at the water color. When we are about to pay the item, my brother saw the red box at the shelf at the back of the counter! Thank goodness! Happiness at it's finest!