Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Daddy's 34th Bday: Bulacan and Tanay Adventure

Every year, we celebrate his birthday with inuman and just some food at the house. But this time, we make it a little different. A two-day celebration on a separate location, this time with adventure.

We welcome his birthday camping at a friends farm in Norzagaray Bulacan, of course with a little inuman pa din until about 4am. We arrived at the farm about 11pm. We immediately set up the tent and started the session :) . We took some sleeps until 8am and head to the nearby talipapa to buy some foods for lunch to bring at Bakas River.
Bakas River Norzagaray, Bulacan

It only took us about 20minutes tricycle ride from the farm to Bakas River. When we arrived, the water was very calm. And as we are having our lunch, the water immediately went up and flows very fast. My friend said that the Angat dam released water. It was really not safe to swim there because of it. Although there were signage that it is prohibited to go swimming there are still some young kids age 10-15 who are swimming there.

Because it was about to rain, we left the river at around 4pm, took bath right after we arrive the farm and left at around 6pm.

The next day, July 2, we went to Tanay Rizal, to climb Mt. Nagpatong and Tung-tong Falls in Tanay Rizal. We meet my PUPMountaineers family together with their spouses as well, 4:30am at Araneta Center in Cubao. Stop over to buy some food at Cogeo Market for breakfast, then head on to Brgy. Hall of Cayumbay. Please prepare to pay the following:

Registration - P100
Guide Fee - P750 ratio 1:5 for Twin Hike
Trek to Mt. Nagpatong

Sample IT
4:30am - meet up Araneta Center Cubao
5:30am - ETA Brgy. Cayumbay Information Center
7:00am - Jumpoff
7:30am - Assault
9:30am - ETA Kubo/Viewdeck/Picture taking
11:00am - Lunch
11:30am - Descend
1:30pm - ETA Brgy. Cayumbay Information Center to Tungtong Falls
2:00pm - Head to Tungtong Falls
3:00pm - ETA Tungtong Falls
4:30pm - Resume Trek
5:30pm - ETA Brgy. Hall/Tidy up
6:30pm - ETD Brgy Hall
8:30pm - ETA Cubao

Monday, June 12, 2017

My Little Chef

Quiero ser Chef
Days gone so fast... my baby is now a little lady..

She graduated with Outstanding Pupil Award (2nd Honor) and according to her, she wanted to become a chef when she grows up. Mommy will always be proud of you baby no matter what, I will be your number one fan.

Welcome to the big school..I know you'll do great there.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Pulong Pasig, Calauag Quezon

Temptation Island pose with Ate Nicole
Since Calauag is our nearby town in the province, and where the famous Pulong Pasig is, we never let ourselves be the last to visit it.

The sandbar is really long, however, there are people who really give a damn care to the place. They left an empty pack of chips on the sandbar! Ughh! There are people wants to visit a super nice place but can manage leave the place clean.

The island has no restroom and fresh water for you to wash, so if you plan to stay there overnight, prepare yourself to sleep without washing your body. Just bring a lot of wipes so you could at least feel fresh.

We went there in grouped so we saved a lot with our boat fee. Here is the list of our expenses:

Gas - 1,600 (unleaded, one way) Cubao - Calauag
Toll - (one way) SLEX - 214
       - (one way) Star - 25 + 53
Boat - 5,000 (two way, good for 20 pax)

How to get to Calauag, Quezon
By bus, take a DLTB going to Daet, fare is P375, then alight in Calauag. Take a tricycle going to the "C" where you can take a boat going to Pangahoy. From Pangahoy, ask a local who can take you to Pulong Pasig. Boat from Pangahoy to Pulong Pasig usually range to Php500.