Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Philippines' Top 6 Highest Peaks

1. Mt Apo in Mindanao has 9689+ft and it lies in Mindanao

This was taken in Lake Venado
2. Mt Dulang-Dulang, a Kitanglad ridge, has 9637ft asl and it also lies in the heart of Mindanao.
3. Mt Pulog also known as Mt.Pulag lies in Cordillera has 9610ft asl. Mt.Pulog is the highest mountain in Luzon and 3rd in the Philippines.
4. Mt Kitanglad has 9509ft asl

5. Mt Tabayac in Cordillera has 9322ft asl

6. Mt Piapayungan also in Mindanao has 9233 ft asl.

This are the mountains that I want to conquer. I’m done with the highest, Mt. Apo on April 4-10, 2005 and this coming Holy Week, March 18-23, will be at the 3rd highest which is Mt. Pulog or Mt. Pulag.

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