Thursday, March 13, 2008

Got a new TNF bag

I’m sorry to say but I’m no longer part of the Team Conquer, my boyfriend just bought a new North Face bag for me... it’s a Big Shot model, which was his personal choice, contradict to which I really want, Mentor, but it’s ok the thought was still there. Actually, it’s awkward pa nga eh, Jebong do not wants me going out of town, like climbing, without him but he bought me a bag di ba!!

So now, I’m welcoming myself to Team North Face..hahaha..welcome Therre..but I will miss my old Conquer baggie, it’s color green pa naman. My old bag served me for more or less three years but I have to say goodbye, kc nasa kapatid ko na sya, I know it’s in good hands naman coz I know Garra knows how to take care of climbing equipments properly since he do climbed too…

To my old teammates, you know who you are…adios..hahaha..

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