Friday, March 7, 2008

I'm a Jam Breakfast Break winner!

Yeap, I join the raffle last week, March 3 and just yesterday, a crew from Jam 88.3 fm named Randy called me up in our office, actually he was calling several times but he wasn't find me coz I haven’t arrive yet. So going back, Randy told me that I won the raffle in Jam Breakfast Break and they will be here in our office tomorrow, so that’s today March 6.

They arrive at around 10 here and they have brought as a Jollibee breakfast meals. It’s DJ Migs who visit us, including two other staffs (aahhhh sorry guys, I can’t remember your names, I was overwhelmed with the foods..hahaha)

So what do you expect, foods are there so we started eating… It was really timely coz it’s my officemate’s birthday, Renz. While eating they informed us that they have to go…so we said goodbye..and the rest is eating time…

You might be asking what Jam Breakfast Break is about. Jam Breakfast Break is a raffle of Jam 88.3 fm for legitimate employee of a company or corporation. If you won the raffle you and your officemates will have a breakfast treat from Jam 88.3.

So what are you waiting for, visit their website at and give yourself and your officemates a breakfast treat.

Mela (seating), DJ Migs, me, Rhea and Abbie

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