Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The worries behind the smile

Conflicts…always in our way…You cannot do something that would make you happy because some might get hurt. You must consider people around you before you have that happiness. You must first think how they feel if you have to do an action. Bakit kaya hindi pwedeng wala ka ng isipin kundi yong gusto mo na lang at yong ikakasaya mo? How selfish naman…pero wala ka namang ginawang masama diba…na by-pass mo sila. And it really hurts when you were not considered before deciding.

And I hurt lots of people around me with my decision. I’m so sorry for that…I just did what I think is right without even asking you…

It wasn’t my intention to hurt you, but I did. And I’m really sorry for that. I never thought that I would grew up like this…never in my wildest dream that you are the person that I will ignore…I’ve caused you so much pain…I don’t know what to do how to heel the wounds that causes my negligence..

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Single-Girl Things to Do Before You Marry

While meeting the man of your dreams opens plenty of doors, it shuts a few too. So fit these experiences in pronto, while you're still carat-free.

It doesn't matter if you're planning to tie the knot with your man in the next couple of years or if that trip down the aisle isn't even on your horizon. There are some things that you better indulge in now, because once you're hitched? Forget about it.

Date a guy who's totally wrong for you just because he has amazing abs. So what if he's five years younger and your polar opposite? The joy of running your hands across his six-pack is a perfectly legitimate reason to go out with him.

Collect at least six country stamps on your passport, including one from a place that until recently you didn't even know existed. Yes, it's fun to travel with your man, but you also have to have some solo adventures under your belt before you start sharing your life with him 100 percent.

Embrace feminine decor. Don't go so far as to paint the walls pink — that'll freak out any guy who sets foot in your place — but stock up on stuff that appeals to your girlie side. When you're building a nest with him, you'll have to compromise on furniture and accessories, so pile on cute throw pillows while the decorating is all up to you (because here's a tip: Guys hate the things).Wear a hip, fabulous ring on your left hand. Once you have an engagement band, you won't want anything detracting attention from the ring.

Take advantage of the whole bed. You have the rest of your life to stick to "your" side when you sleep next to your man. Right now, place your pillow smack-dab in the center and make like a starfish.

Spend an embarrassing amount of money on a designer bag you love or heels that make you feel incredibly sexy. Chances are, when you have a joint account with your hubby, he's not going to get why a purse might be worth the GDP of a small country.

Learn how to change a tire and work a drill. It's easy to relegate all those "guy" tasks to your man (and you totally should enlist his help), but there's a sense of power that comes with being able to fix something yourself.

Slip one of those furry covers on the toilet. Once it's there, he'll have to accept it (and psst, they make it impossible for men to leave the seat up).Throw blowout bashes. Sure, it's nice to have a mellow get-together with your girlfriends, but that shouldn't be the extent of your social life. Before settling down, let your wild side reign.

Get a grip on your dough. Sign up for a retirement plan and invest extra income in stocks or CD accounts. Take charge of your own cash flow before merging moola with your guy.

Have your dad take you out to dinner as often as possible. The reasons: It's great bonding time, and his open-wallet generosity will dry up once you're hitched. Face it: Your reception is the last meal that'll be his treat.

Hone a signature lingerie style. Figure out what cuts and colors are hottest on you, and develop a look that's all your own. That way, your one-day groom will follow your lead ... and not buy the polyester, so-small-you-could-floss- your-teeth-with-it teddy.

Want a cat? Heed this advice: Buy it now. Call it Snowflake. Let it sleep next to you in bed. If you wait to get a pet with your betrothed, it will end up being a big, slobbering Lab called Bif.

If all you feel like eating for dinner is ice cream and diet soda, buy a cone and pop a Coke. When you and The Mister mangia together all the time, you'll be less likely to indulge those bizarre — but oh-so-satisfying — cravings.

Use tons of hot water in the a.m.
Take your celeb crush to the max. Plaster a poster of Ryan Gosling in your hallway, and set your computer wallpaper to a topless shot of him.

Plan your fantasy wedding. Now's the time to let your imagination roam — rip pictures of dresses from magazines, size up ceremony venues, and try on some rocks at the jewelry store. This stuff wigs guys out if they witness it, so get it out of your system now.

Start a pleasure ritual that a change in your relationship status can't disturb. Regularly treat yourself to something you love, whether it's a manicure, yoga classes at the fanciest studio in town, or a superrelaxing massage.

Set up your home in a way that fits your needs. Maybe keeping the coffee machine in the bathroom so you can get your caffeine boost while you put on makeup in the morning works for you. Until you have to deal with someone else weighing in on your unusual arrangement, customize.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I've been in the biggest mall in PI

Yeah! you just read it right..April 2 was my first time to be in the biggest mall in the Philippines, the SM Mall of Asia (MOA)! I never been there since it was opened..and last week nga eh naging tao na ako although di ko na-explore buong mall since it's about to close..anyways there's always a next time, and next time I will be there as early as it opens..lol..so I can go over the whole area..It's so big and just few hours is not enough para maglibot dun..So I'll make sure that I'll visit there during Saturday or Sunday..

I, together with my boyfriend, went to MOA to buy a pair of Havaianas slippers, there are lots of people (including us..lol) who are fascinated with these slippers. It because havaianas is very trendy despite it's not reasonable to buy these expensive slippers hehehe...anyways it's nice naman..I'll show you my slippers on my next post..

Meanwhile here are some of my photos taken in MOA..

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Old Times..Mt. Banahaw'02

Fresh from high school, and this is my first time climbing together with my brothers and sis-in-law..This was taken at Durungawan, the summit of Mt. Banahaw. This is a peak assault so we just brought our water and left everything at the camp site.

The wind blew very hard and it almost broken my eardrums ;lol...The view was very nice including a clear blue sky. It was cold even sobrang taas na ni ate sunshine. I enjoy this climb a lot and I really miss those time that I climb together with my bros..it been quiet a long time since our last climb in Mt. Maculot. I hope we could do it again even they both have their own family..

Mt. Banahaw's traditional trail is currently close for reforestration, but according to some friends who climb here last Holy Week, the trail in Sto. Cristo is open but authorities won't allow trekkers to reach until the summit.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fun..Fun..Fun at Splash Island

It's my 1st time at Splash Island and I really enjoyed it..The slides and the moments that I had, together with Jebong, Mok-Mok and Jeny. We really savor the moment, that's why my morena complexion turns into black…but it’s ok at least I enjoyed the summer…

The entrance fee is Php250 for adults and Php200 for kids during weekdays and Php325 for adults and Php250 for kids during weekends. Foods and floating devices are not allowed to be brought inside Splash Island. So you have to allot at least Php150 per person in one meal. Locker rental is Php100 but Php50 is refundable. There are picnic groves which are free of charge and a first come first serve basis only.

Please wear a proper swimming attire or at least white tops coz lifeguards won’t allow you to deep in the water if not. There are available swim suits for sale in the souvenir shop just bring some extra money for it.