Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fun..Fun..Fun at Splash Island

It's my 1st time at Splash Island and I really enjoyed it..The slides and the moments that I had, together with Jebong, Mok-Mok and Jeny. We really savor the moment, that's why my morena complexion turns into black…but it’s ok at least I enjoyed the summer…

The entrance fee is Php250 for adults and Php200 for kids during weekdays and Php325 for adults and Php250 for kids during weekends. Foods and floating devices are not allowed to be brought inside Splash Island. So you have to allot at least Php150 per person in one meal. Locker rental is Php100 but Php50 is refundable. There are picnic groves which are free of charge and a first come first serve basis only.

Please wear a proper swimming attire or at least white tops coz lifeguards won’t allow you to deep in the water if not. There are available swim suits for sale in the souvenir shop just bring some extra money for it.

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