Thursday, April 3, 2008

Old Times..Mt. Banahaw'02

Fresh from high school, and this is my first time climbing together with my brothers and sis-in-law..This was taken at Durungawan, the summit of Mt. Banahaw. This is a peak assault so we just brought our water and left everything at the camp site.

The wind blew very hard and it almost broken my eardrums ;lol...The view was very nice including a clear blue sky. It was cold even sobrang taas na ni ate sunshine. I enjoy this climb a lot and I really miss those time that I climb together with my been quiet a long time since our last climb in Mt. Maculot. I hope we could do it again even they both have their own family..

Mt. Banahaw's traditional trail is currently close for reforestration, but according to some friends who climb here last Holy Week, the trail in Sto. Cristo is open but authorities won't allow trekkers to reach until the summit.

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