Friday, May 16, 2008

Company Outing at La Mesa Ecopark

Instead of the usual summer outing which is swimming, we opt to do something different now. During the planning of the outing, there are some who disagree with the venue; the La Mesa Ecopark, and the original plan was swimming, boating, fishing, biking and wall climb. Since ayaw nila ng swimming sa Ecopark dahil hindi daw maganda ang pool dun, inalis na lang namen ang swimming sa list of activity. And it became paint ball, wall climb, fishing, boating and sight seeing sa butterfly park ang hatchery.

May 3, when we saw the place, it's nice naman, yun nga lang maraming tao sa pool although hindi naman talaga kame magsi-swimming. So few minutes after we arrive, we went to the wall climb area. And there we found out na hindi lang pala wall climb ang gusto nilang gawin, they also want to experience zip line or the slide for life and tyrollian. We register and get our harness, and climb the tower to start the zip line..


Wall climb



We all enjoyed the day, the summer outing, although, hindi pa sana namen gusto umuwi, kaso we have no choice but to go home..It's totally different to our previous summer outings...swimming at 9 waves and Loreland Farm.
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