Monday, June 23, 2008

Mt. Napulauan ‘04

Mt. Napulauan was my first farthest mountain that I was able to climb and my first Christmas that I did spent with my family since I have to travel from Quezon to Manila. I left Quezon on the 25th of Dec at around 11am and arrive in manila at 7pm. I pack my things and went to our meeting place (Kuya Emil’s house). We left Manila at 10pm and arrive in Banaue on 26th at 5am or 6am. We have our breakfast in the town proper and then after that look for a jeep that will take us to the jump off at Hungduan.

We stayed there just for a night and went down on Hapao trail. We stayed for another night with the barangay captain’s house. Then on our 3rd day (28th December) in Banaue, we travel going to Batad, where you can see the most beautiful terraces.

We stayed in Batad for 3 days and then went back to Banaue and home sweet home on the 31st of December. I almost run out of seat glad that I saw my cousin who works in Raymond Bus company.

Welcome to Banaue

Socials at TNF tent ni Kuya Emil

Sun rise at Mt. Napulauan

(from left) Kuya Emil, Kuya Anoy, me, Anna, Ryan, Lennie, Mems and Oliver


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Farewell Sir Edmund

Farewell to the ordinary person with ordinary qualities. Thanks for the influence.