Monday, July 28, 2008

Batch Induction at Tarak Ridge

Taken at the campsite of Tarak Ridge, from left is me, Lennie, Leo, Jonathan (at the back), Bryan, Jeric, Ekhai and Jane.
This is our induction climb at Tarak Ridge, Mt. Mariveles Bataan in June 2004. Originally we're 12 but unfortunately 2, Mark and Ghie, were lost in Mt. Makiling so they don't qualify for the induction climb, Michael's cousin died and Rhea was not permitted to climb by her grandmother. So only 8 of us left.

Going there we ride in a ferry boat at the back of CCP Complex, if my memory serves me right the fair for students cost Php130 or Php191, and then we hire a jeep going to the jump off point.

I’m not feeling well during this climb, I have cough, flu and fever, but still I manage to. I almost give up since I have hard time breathing due to my nasal congestion and I cough whenever I get tired.

I’m happy to have this last training climb because I’m already legitimate PUP Mountaineer and added to that I also have Bryan kahit was beside asking if I’m still ok and of course strong strongan ako, I said yes..

After the climb, side trip with a private pool, where Ryan washed the tent at the pool after we’re all done swimming. We’re disappointed with the pool kc it’s too small. But despite, we all have fun.

Going back to Manila, we ride a bus going to Avenida, if you’ll ask me how much was the fare, sorry but I already forgot..

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Spelunking at Doña Remedios Trinidad

Way back my training days at PUPM, this is our batch spelunking and actually the first ever spelunking activity of the group. I was so lucky that I have experienced this since we're not able to do it again.

Those were the days na kasama ko pa ang kaz ko..I missed her so much..And this is the first time that I saw Ate Janice..She never even talk to us, and vice versa, since we really don't know each other yet and besides she has her own set of friends din kame naman ng mga batchmate ko may bonding na rin..

I also missed rhea..tama! I never heard anything from her since we last saw each other, until one day I saw her friendster account and OMG! she got married without our knowing..until now, lulubog lilitaw pa rin sya.

Anna, Mads and Mems are now in Singapore, Jay is in US (I guess), the rest are still here in the PI working..We often see each other, last nong akyat sa Pulag..maybe sa anniversary na ulit..

Well that's life..

More mountains to climb..(sabi ni anna)