Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mt. Romelo River Trek

This is my first time to explore river trek in Mt. Romelo in Famy, Laguna. This is our 3rd minor climb (if my memory still serves me right huh, since this is my 1st training year in PUPM hahaha)… This training climb is very unforgettable, when we are crossing one of the river’s deepest spot, I’m the first one who tried to cross using the rope, without my knowing that the rope was not yet establish and it is loose, I slowly sinking and get drown, and started to panic. And Mads (don’t know how to swim too) still have the courage to saves me and there was Zarah who really saves me since Mads cannot manage to stay longer. Huh..buti na lang..

This climb was also unforgettable because I met Jay..(Huh! wag lang sana madiscover ni Jay ang blog ko!!!) it was Edick who introduce him (Jay) to me..dahil nalaman ni Edick na crush ko si Jay yun ang ginawa nya). We started exchanging text messages and emails…We became friends, pero hanggang friends lang talaga, we are both committed that time…until we both got busy and I never heard anything from him since his last birthday. Hmpf..tampo nga ako sa kanya eh, he never greet me on my last birthday, eh nong dati he never failed to greet me..wow..tampo!hahaha..

This is also my first time to experience rappelling in the falls, thrilling!!!(di pa kc masyado uso ang digicam non eh kaya scan ko na lang pic..next time post ko)..We both do the Standard and Australian rappel.

Well, about the mountain, I won’t recommend you to visit it..Why? Because it has been exploited, it has an effortless trail and advisable for non-mountaineers and first timers. I personally want the trail, especially the traditional trail, to take a rest, reforestation, kawawa naman yong trail eh…

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