Friday, August 1, 2008

My First Visit in Baguio

This is my first ever visit in the summer capital of Philippines. After our Holy Week climb in Mt. Pulag, we stayed a day in Baguio, we first visit the Baguio Cathedral and the city’s famous parks like Minesview and People’s Park, and ate lunch at SM Baguio.

The feet that has climbed the Philippines’ highest mountain and would climb more mountains..

Lunch at Max's SM Baguio

Me at Minesview (dami kc tao dun sa view eh kaya sa gilid na lang ako nagpapicture)

The gay!

The famous Beethoven

The Baguio Cathedral, saying thank you for we are all safe after the challenging trail of Mt. Pulag's Akiki Trail

Going down the stairs is really a burden for us since we take Akiki Trail going down and it’s hard for us to bend our knees. That’s why it almost takes us few minutes to reach the ground where people were looking us wondering why we walk like that.

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