Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hindi ako natutuwa kapag may nahuhuling drug pusher...

    ...kasi hindi sila ang dapat na hinuhuli kundi yong mismong kinukunan nila. Ok nahuli nga sila, yon bang pinagkukunan nila titigil na dahil nahuli yong tulak nya? Di ba hindi, kundi kukuha sya ng bagong tulak at yun tuloy ang operasyon.

Itong mga magigiting nating pulis ay tuwang tuwa na makahuli ng mga "malalaking pusher" na kung tutuusin eh tungaw lang naman dahil ang "malaki" talaga ay ang drug lord, tama ba? Bakit kaya hindi nila hulihin ang mga drug lord na to at hindi yung mga pusher. Kung walang drug lord, walang pusher, tama ba?

Sana lang next time naman na makanood ako ng news eh drug lord naman ang ibalitang nahuli nila at hindi lang pusher. Tungaw lang po ang pusher at hindi sila malaking isda gaya ng sinasabi ng otoridad. Sana magising na sila sa katotohanan. Wag yang mga pusher at pag-initan nyo.

Monday, October 18, 2010

it's a baby girl

Again! After losing our first baby girl God gave us a new baby girl. her name is Mharcela Sundae as what I've said in my first post. I thought it would be a baby boy because many told me so. But when the doctor put the device in my tummy, "it's a girl," her intro. I can't believe but it was, and I was so happy, si hubby medyo disappointed kasi he really expect a baby boy, but he's happy pa rin kasi.

It's my 27th week, few more weeks to go and we can hug and kiss her. Can't wait! Honestly I still don't know how to be a mother to her. I know eventually I will learn, my super nanay is always there for me and will with us when I came back to Manila after giving birth at my hometown. I prefer to gave birth in Lopez because she's there.

Ang iniisip ko na lang eh pano ang pag-iri..haha!

Well, I know God will always be there for us. I trust everything on HIM.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Legends of Pinoy Folk Rock together in show

Viva Concerts and Events will cap another successful year by staging the musical event of 2010.

It’s called Ugat, The Legends of Pinoy Folk Rock to be held on Dec. 3 at the Araneta Coliseum.

The legends are no less than the guys who started it all —- the Juan dela Cruz Band composed of Joey “Pepe” Smith (Balong Malalim), Mike Hanopol (Laki Sa Layaw, Jeproks) and Wally Gonzalez (Wally’s Blues). They were also responsible for Teacher’s Enemy Number 1, Pinoy Antiquities and the iconic Himig Natin.

The Juan dela Cruz Band will be performing for the first time together with Sampaguita, Queen of Pinoy Rock of Bonggahan, Tao and Laguna fame; Lolita Carbon of Asin and Nene with the hits Masdan Mo Ang Kapaligiran, Pagbabalik, Bayan Kong Sinilangan and Itanong Mo Sa Mga Bata; Heber Bartolome and Banyuhay with Tayo‘y Mga Pinoy, Nena and Almusal; Gary Granada of Kahit Konti, Salamat Musika, Bahay and Mabuti Pa Sila; and Florante with the hits Handog, Ako’y Pinoy, Abakada, Sana and Pinay, who will be flying in from the US purposely for Ugat. New folk rock star Noel Cabangon of the big hit Kanlungan will also join the show.

“It will be a rockin’ night, very nostalgic,” promises Roxanne Lapuz who is directing the show.

(Note: Tickets to Ugat, The Legends of Pinoy Folk Rock are now available at all SM Ticketnet outlets and at the Araneta Coliseum. Prices are P2,500 [Patron], P2,000 [Patron B], P1,500 [Lower Box], P1,000 [Upper Box A], P600 [Upper Box B], and P300 [General Admission]).

FunFare by Ricardo F. Lo

I want to see them perform in stage! This won't happen again, they would really make my night one of the best nights in my existence. Hubby and I both love and like them. Aside from the fact they have a one of a kind voice, their songs are very sensible if I would compare it to these days song na puro pa-cute.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Letter to God

Dear Lord,

Thank you so much for the blessing that you gave us today. You are really GOOD! You give everything we need just in time. Thank you for the work you gave to Dang I know you are starting to gave us everything we need since we are away from our Daddy, Tatay, Mommy and Nanay. We do not have someone to turn to but YOU and you never fail us everytime we call on YOU.

We have trials that make us strong. And sorry if sometimes we are becoming weak and we sometimes lost hope. But despite of losing hope we still manage to call for YOUR name. Thanks for making us strong.


Yours forever,

Dang and Ching

Monday, September 20, 2010

si baby, malikot

my babycenter account said he's this big na..

sobrang likot ng anak ko..asa tyan pa lang..he's very responsive lalo na if I play a music, daig ko pa ang may bolang nagbabounce sa tyan. I always put my hand on my tummy so I could feel his movement din. he's so strong and I can't wait to hug and kiss him.

please pray for my normal and safe delivery guys for my babies health.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

4th month of my precious angel

my angel is now 4mos and 1 week, I can feel his slight movement inside me and it makes me smile every time he moves. i'm so excited to see him, i still don't have idea if i'm caring a boy or a girl. my ob advise me to have my ultrasound next month so we could know the gender. 

we'll name marcela sundae if girl, marcela from my husband's father -marcelino and sundae is from my father-domingo. leowin gil if boy, leo from my mother-leonisa, win from my husband-darwin and gil from my husband's mother-gilda.

may god always take good care of us and may i have a healthy-physically and mentally, baby.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a new gift

may 22, 2010

i had my preg test and this is it, again! we have a new baby, a new gift. i promise i would take really good care of her/him. i'm 6 weeks and 3days pregnant.

i visited my OB yesterday and she's asking for some tests, like cbc, urinalysis, VDRL (for venereal disease) HBSAg ( i forgot what this test's for) 100g OGTT (for diabetes) and of course TVS, prescribe some vitamins, then she gave me mommy diary.

may GOD bless me in my journey as a new mother..

Monday, April 12, 2010

is that karma?

I was reading a Bible last night, which I seldom do, it says there but not exactly what was written there, this is just what I recall since I immediately closed the Bible after reading it, here it goes "I will bring trouble to those who troubled you..."something like what comes around goes around right?

This has been bothering me since the day it happened.  Although we have talked about it and I thought it's a forgive and forget thing. I never cursed her I just said "wag lang sana nilang maranasan yong mga nangyari sa aten" these are exactly the same words I told to my husband. I thought she would be the person who will help and be there for me through thick and thin, since we have been through a lot downs and ups, we laughed and cried, we listen to each other sentiments, we gave anything and everything to each other, we share almost anything. That’s why I can’t believe she will turn me down in time when I needed her most, she’s the only person I can turn to that time, but I got the most unexpected answer from her.

I was there when she needed my help, hindi sa sinusumbatan ko sya, pero I was just asking for a little favor. She decided and concluded without confirmation since she told me that she was confused with my text. Sana nilinaw nya bago sya nag-decide, and after rejecting me. Yes she texted me para bumawi, pero it’s already too late, although minutes lang naman after her next text, pero sobrang masama na ang loob ko. Hindi nya muna kasi niliwanag saken bago sya nag-conclude eh. I know ako ang humihingi ng pabor, pero kung medyo naguluhan ka sana nagtanong ka pa, which we usually do naman. Pero you never did.

We were still close pero I already built a wall. Mas matindi pa nga ang pinagdadaanan nyo, swerte nyo lang nakakapit pa rin yang senyo. I don’t want to sound rude talaga, civil lang ako kapag magkaharap tayo, despite the wall, I can still laugh with your jokes, say hi and a little chitchat.

I hate this feeling, but the people around me were so disappointed with what had happened. Alam ko napapansin mo rin na medyo aloof na ako sa’yo, pero wala akong choice, I’m still hurting, I didn’t only lost my Celina, I also lost my closest friend, all because of your careless decision. Anyways, thank you for the happy moments we shared, I’ll cherished it.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The truth about Noynoy

"Before the supporters of Liberal Party standard bearer Senator Benigno Aquino III start jumping like chimpanzees over the latest poll survey results showing their candidate widening his lead, at 39 percent, over his nearest rival Nacionalista Party standard bearer Senator Manuel Villar, with 26 percent, they should be told that it’s a long way to go until May 10.

Santa Banana, that’s 42 days from today, and in our kind of elections, politics remains the art of the possible!"

The truth about Noynoy
Emil Jurado
Manila Standard Today

Monday, March 22, 2010

thanks so much

to our Almighty God for we, the Samante family have been very blessed. early this month, my father suffered a minor accident and in God's grace, he only had a small fracture in his head and the doctor said he's ok. my brother also got his schedule for another 3months in the ship. and this means that we can sustain the medicine and other lab tests of our father.

God is really GOOD!

thanks a lot..

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

from sunsilk

look what i just got from sunsilk..a bottle of shampoo and conditioner. got this by texting 10DAYS to 2600, then after a day someone called me for verification if i really texted them and after 3 days, if i'm not mistaken, march 1 when the package arrive in our office.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

si uno naman

here is my elder brother's son, dimebag darrell japor samante, two years old and super astig, kulit and bibo. he has earing on his left ear and he's asking his dad to put another one on the right. see? like father like son, my brother got so many earings on ears, one on tongue, lips and eyebrow plus tattoos.

beauty and brains

been posting my niece several times, for now, get to know my youngest sister. her name is ma.angela s. perez, she's actually my cousin but we have adopted her since her parents got separated. she taking up bachelor in education major in english in Philippine Normal University (PNU) Lopez Branch, she's now in her 3rd year. she was crowned as ms. canda ibaba during our barangay patronal fiesta. take a look at her at her swimsuit attire.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Money Saving Tips

Here's a money saving tip I received from e-newsletter which I really agreed since I myself tried this tips and it really works.

"A penny saved is a penny earned" is an adage we have heard countless times not only from our parents but from our peers as well. But how can you save when you live from paycheck to paycheck? Here are a few tips you can follow to help stretch your money and to provide yourself with a few months’ worth of financial buffer.

Save BEFORE you spend. Most people only save whatever money they have left, which is usually…not much, if they even do have any. So as soon as payday comes around, remove a certain amount from your paycheck and deposit it immediately in an untouchable yet accessible account. If you haven’t started saving before, then you can start low, by saving at least five to ten percent of your take-home pay. Then once you’ve adjusted, increase this amount by another five percent or so. Be sure to do this automatically every month. If it’s possible to arrange with your bank to auto-deduct from your payroll account to a separate savings account, then have this fixed immediately.

Live within your means. This is easier said than done, especially when you’re a young professional. It’s difficult to say "no" to the lure of mall-wide sales, Friday night drinking with your buddies, or regular movie-and-dinner dates with your guy. But if it’s beyond your budget, you simply have to try and say that two-letter word.

Make a budget…and stick to it! Take time to sit and really think about where your money goes. Take a typical week and list all your expenses then—including those purchases you deem trivial. Sometimes, it’s those little things that add up to take a chunk off your income. Maybe you like having bottled iced tea everyday for lunch. You think, it’s just P15, right? But if you multiply it by 22, the average number of working days per month, that’s easily P330. If you can’t do without it, try investing in a tumbler instead then make tea at home that you can bring to work. This goes for coffee as well. When you review a week’s worth of expenses, you’ll see where you can cut down.

Think at least twice before you spend. I’ve learned to not do the groceries when I’m hungry and to stay away from malls when I’m not feeling so good. Otherwise, I know I’ll only end up spending more, sometimes on things I don’t even need or want. If you find yourself liking a pair of shoes, go home and sleep on it. Think about it first, and visualize yourself wearing it with at least three sets of clothes. If you think you’ll be able to wear it often, then it’s a good buy—that is, considering how much money you can spare.

Set a goal. Save 3 times of your salary at the end of the year.

Friday, February 26, 2010

my precious

she's so naughty, yet she's so sweet, so intelligent. she can make you smile whenever your sad. so happy to with her, my precious niece, how i wish to have a daughter like her, but so sad i lost my baby last jan. 03, 2010. she's only 2.5months..but it's ok, it's God's will, we'll make a new one..hehe

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

hubby and me

he's the reason why i'm always excited to go home..we savor the moment being together, anytime from now his cousin might called him up to visit their office and might schedule him for an interview and a possible flight. we might see each other after a year..

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

wala lang..opinion ko lang

bakit ganun ang mga kabataan ngayon, anyways di pa rin naman ako ganon katanda, bakit nila naiisipang lumayas sa mga piling ng kanilang mga magulang..hindi ba nila naappreciate ang sarap mabuhay na kasama ang nanay at tatay?at this age, 26 lang naman po ako, newly wed at sobrang sabik parin ako na makasama ko ang parents ko, halos ayaw ko pa rin umalis sa bahay namen after ng wedding, gusto ko pa rin na si nanay ang katabi ko pagtulog, but i have no choice dahil pinili ko ang mag-asawa..pero bakit itong mga batang to unting di lang mapagbigyan ng parents nila sa gusto nila eh maglalayas..ganyan na sila katigas at katapang ngayon?

after i graduated in high school, i went to manila to continue my college, it was really hard for me to adjust dahil nasanay ako na paggising ko my mother was there preparing anything and everything i need, so hard for me to live my life away from her, nobody was there for me to prepare my clothes, although kasama ko ang mga brothers ko sa house but they have their own business, they are both working. only my aunt was there to guide us, pero sobrang iba ang kasama ang nanay..

until now ang layo ko sa nanay ko, every holidays ko lang sya nakakasama at tawag lang ang communication namin, that's why i make sure na i always tell and make her feel that i love her so much.

kaya i was wondering bakit may mga batang nakatikim lang ng onting pera galing sa pinagtrabahuhan nila eh akala mo kaya na nilang mabuhay, hindi ganon kadali mabuhay ng wala ang nanay mo sa tabi mo..lalo na sa mga time na sobrang depress time na walang ibang makakaintindi sayo kung hindi sya lang..hindi dahil may trabaho ka na at may boyfriend ka, mabubuhay ka na..isipin mo ang sarap ng kasama ang nanay mo, nakahanda ang damit na kelangan mo, ang pagkain mo, ang tengang makikinig kapag may problema ka..

malaki ka na nga pero immature ka..hindi ganun kasimple ang buhay..