Monday, April 12, 2010

is that karma?

I was reading a Bible last night, which I seldom do, it says there but not exactly what was written there, this is just what I recall since I immediately closed the Bible after reading it, here it goes "I will bring trouble to those who troubled you..."something like what comes around goes around right?

This has been bothering me since the day it happened.  Although we have talked about it and I thought it's a forgive and forget thing. I never cursed her I just said "wag lang sana nilang maranasan yong mga nangyari sa aten" these are exactly the same words I told to my husband. I thought she would be the person who will help and be there for me through thick and thin, since we have been through a lot downs and ups, we laughed and cried, we listen to each other sentiments, we gave anything and everything to each other, we share almost anything. That’s why I can’t believe she will turn me down in time when I needed her most, she’s the only person I can turn to that time, but I got the most unexpected answer from her.

I was there when she needed my help, hindi sa sinusumbatan ko sya, pero I was just asking for a little favor. She decided and concluded without confirmation since she told me that she was confused with my text. Sana nilinaw nya bago sya nag-decide, and after rejecting me. Yes she texted me para bumawi, pero it’s already too late, although minutes lang naman after her next text, pero sobrang masama na ang loob ko. Hindi nya muna kasi niliwanag saken bago sya nag-conclude eh. I know ako ang humihingi ng pabor, pero kung medyo naguluhan ka sana nagtanong ka pa, which we usually do naman. Pero you never did.

We were still close pero I already built a wall. Mas matindi pa nga ang pinagdadaanan nyo, swerte nyo lang nakakapit pa rin yang senyo. I don’t want to sound rude talaga, civil lang ako kapag magkaharap tayo, despite the wall, I can still laugh with your jokes, say hi and a little chitchat.

I hate this feeling, but the people around me were so disappointed with what had happened. Alam ko napapansin mo rin na medyo aloof na ako sa’yo, pero wala akong choice, I’m still hurting, I didn’t only lost my Celina, I also lost my closest friend, all because of your careless decision. Anyways, thank you for the happy moments we shared, I’ll cherished it.