Monday, March 28, 2011

this is the day...

I'm so much in love with my husband, thankful and happy to have a healthy baby. Giving birth to my first baby is the happiest moment of my life. It maybe painful during the labor but it was worth it seeing her in my arms. Hearing my baby laughs today is the 100% interest I've earn. Having a baby is expensive, you have to buy new clothes, diaper, vitamins, have vaccines but it's nothing when you see her grows and smiles while looking at you.

At first I was worried how would I take care of my little angel. But days went on and I get used to hold my tiny baby.

Now she’s turning 3 months on April 1st, time flies so fast. And I’m enjoying everyday I spent with her, although I can only have her at night after work and on weekends. That’s why I make sure that I’m the one who’ll attend to all her needs during these times.

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