Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Living Away from My Sundae

Few days from now, on July 2 to be exact, I will send my Sundae to Quezon. She will stay with my Tatay and Nanay and will be back here with me in time she needs to visit her pedia. Although she was first checked up by Dra. CaƱa in Lopez before we come back here. I just don't want to transfer to another pedia. I'm fond of sending Sundae to Dra. Sandoval in World Citi Hospital. =)

Every time I think that Sundae will no longer be at my side when I'm sleeping and she will not be there when I'm going home, it really breaks my hurt and makes me cry until I fall asleep. =( She has to go with my Nanay since her dad and I can't attend to her. They have to go to Quezon because my youngest sister Angie is already working in Lucena and nobody would attend to my Tatay's needs especially this time, he has to worked in the farm.

It's really hard for me but I can't do anything, I have to work for her needs since Dang is still waiting for his cousin to report in the agency so he can start working, as a seaman. His contract in Eastwood ends last month. He can't attend to Sundae alone because she has lots of tantrums and only my Nanay can control her.hehe..even I can't stop her, so sad but that's the fact, although I breastfeed.

Anyways, I hope I have the strength to live away from my Sundae, in Gods grace.

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