Thursday, June 16, 2011

MomCenter is Giving Away FREE Diapers

Drypers, through, is giving a FREE sample of Drypers Soft
Grab your by sending an email us at and simply request for a free sample!

Kindly include your full name, contact number, complete address.
(samples will only be delivered within the Philippines)

Drypers Soft is specially designed with the softness and dryness a newborn needs to stay dry and comfy.

It has Stool Lock System to make sure loose stools are drawn securely away from the sensitive skin of baby's bottom, keeping skin dry and healthy.

It has a durable absorbent core which is less prone to breaking when wet.

100% Breathable Cloth-Like Cover To keep your baby's skin cool and fresh.

Navel Care Reduces friction between the diaper and umbilical cord stub.

Drypers Soft is suitable for newborns weighing 5kg and below.

Grab yours by sending an email now!

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