Thursday, June 2, 2011

Total Change

It's been a year and five months since I got married. And it totally changed my lifestyle, from an outdoor life to a work-home one. Adjustment was never hard because all my closed friends was far from me too. One went to Singapore, one went to Isabela, and the other one got married before I. Aside from that, my hubby has all his time to be with me and comfort me in times I got bored. We have always time to talk our past lives while we are still living our separate lives. We also have time to go out and have some air to breath.

Until one day, IT'S POSITIVE, I'm pregnant again after three months of losing our baby, here comes a new gift. He never failed to take care of me and our baby inside. There are times that he would wake up just to check me.

And then I gave birth to Sundae, another adjustment.. a more effort adjustment. This time I'm not just a wife but also a mother. I have to look out for two dearies persons. It was hard, really hard for me to take care of my husband and baby at the same time plus my work.

I'm not a superwoman, honestly, I'm not good in household, this is where my mother got mud with is better than me in terms of doing the household. There are times that he would be mud at me because the house is unpleasant in his eyes..haha..shy.. I'm trying to do the chores, but the effort is not enough, I always want to be with Sundae since I can only have her at night. I don't know how to manage my time, how would I divide it for him and Sundae. I know in time I can be both a good, if not a perfect, wife and mother. And I would do and give my very best to have a happy family. 

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