Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Visit to My Superfriend's House

Sundae and I, together with Roxan and her son, Josh.
June 5, 2011, Sunday-We; Nanay, Daddy Dang, Sundae and I, visited my superfriend Roxan in her place after attending the mass at the Shrine Of Our Lady Of Peace And Good Voyage. Never had a chance to took even just one picture at the church, too many people attending the Sunday mass.

We stayed at Roxan's place until lunch, had some chitchats. It is our second meeting since we parted sometime in 2000. She first visited me at our place on February.

Next target is to rekindle the STARR barkada. One that we made way back our elementary days. STARR stands for Sheena, Theresa, Apple, Roxan and Roxanne. How can this be made possible? Sheena is in Cavite, Apple and Roxanne are in Dubai. Well, nobody knows...Soon we will shine again.

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