Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sundae at her 6th month

Sundae at her 6mos and 4weeks
On her 6th month, Sundae started to say consonants pa-pa-pa. She can distinguish Mickey Mouse on TV, she reacts when it's not Mickey's scene. She can crawl, sit without and stand with support, jumps when you let her stand on you lap. There are also times that I can hear her say mommy =).

She roll overs faster as compared on her 5th month. At 6months and 3 weeks, I guess already knows her routine, like when it's time for her cereals, I'm going to work and go out with her Daddy.

When she's asleep and it's about few minutes before I go to work, she'll wake up and will turn her head and look for me. Her Dad will carry her and we'll head over to the jeep terminal.

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