Friday, September 2, 2011

Sundae is growing too fast

Watching Mickey Mouse
I can't imagine how my Sundae grows so fast. When I'm staring at her pictures when she was just days old, one month, turn to two, and now she's on her 8th month.

She can now walk with the help of her walker. Talks too much - dada, tata, nana and more, which I can't understand. haha! But I'm trying. She watched Mickey Mouse seriously. When she's doing something and hears it's a shampoo commercial, she immediately turns her head to look at the TV. When I'm telling her she will not eat because she didn't finished her milk, she will shout at me as if she complains! (with matching tap on her walker). She can clap, and will dance when I sing or when she hears a music.

Yesterday, when I take the jeep to go to work, she wants to go with me, same as today.

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