Saturday, November 26, 2011

Malunggay (moringa) for Expecting and Breastfeeding Moms

Have you heard about malunggay powder or malunggay flakes? Do you know how to use any of these?

As we all know malunggay is very useful for pregnant women to avoid anemia and other blood related problems. Lack of iron for expecting moms can cause blood related diseases not only to the mother but also with your baby and worst you might lost your baby.

One good source of iron is malunggay. Pero nakakasawa naman yata kung araw-araw na lang ay may dahon ng malunggay sa pagkain naten diba? That's why I suggest malunggay powder. You can use it in all dishes without affecting the presentation of the dish, dahil hindi naman visible yong powder sa food. Apart from that, you can also use malunggay powder as tea. It can be dissolved in water since it is powdered.

Malunggay powder only cost Php700 per kilo and it can last for 2 years if proper storage is practice. Avoid contamination and exposure in direct sunlight. Do not use wet spoon when scooping it and make sure that the jar you used to store the malunggay powder is tightly close.
Malunggay powder Php700/kl
On the other hand, for moms who loves to bake, you may also use malunggay flakes for your bread or cake. Actually you may use both depending on your preference. If you want malunggay very visible in the bread or cake, you may use flakes since it is cracked leaves only unlike powder, it can mixed with other powdered ingredients.
Malunggay flakes Php650/kl

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