Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Drypers Gift for Grabs

This is the second time I redeemed gifts with my empty Drypers wrappers. The first time I redeem I opted for Sodexo gift checks and I received 4 GC. You may see my previous post here. This time, since I like the smell of the Drypers shampoo, bath and head to toe wash, instead of just redeeming GC I added those items. I'm not sure until when the Gifts for Grabs promo last but I do hope that there will be more promo next year.

Thanks Drypers!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sundae conquers Puerto Princesa

Sundae's boarding pass
At last! after more than a month, was able to post it, our Puerto Princesa getaway, another adventure for my Sundae. This is her first time to travel via airplane and glad she enjoyed it despite here annoyance with her seat belt.With us are my officemates, Daddy was not able to join us since he has commitment.

We fly via Seair, since Sundae is under 2 years old, her 2-way ticket is only P400 =). We left Manila by 2:15pm and arrived at Puerto Princesa airport by around 3:45pm.

Welcome to Puerto Princesa Airport
From airport, we took tricycle going to Almonte Transient which is only 10minutes ride. The place is very ideal. Malapit sa wet market at supermarket. And no need to book for City Tour dahil yung ibang location is just  a ride away lang.

On our first day, we have 3 island hopping and snorkeling. This tour cost P1,300 per head and the view and fun is priceless. Seeing Sundae appreciate the beauty of nature is more than paying P1,300.
Ready for island hopping!

Baker's Hill
Day 2: Since the transient is located near the city and that no need to book a city tour. =) we are all bagets naman, so we just helped ourselves for the city tour. City tour if booked in travel agents would cost P600 per head. We first go to Cathedral and just beside it is the Plaza Quartel. Then we proceed to Mitra's Farm where Sundae had her first horse back riding for P50. At Mitra's Farm you can enjoy zipline for P500. After that we just walk going to Baker's Hill. It has a playground and few zoo animals. And our favorite part! Lunch at Dampa!

Crocodile Farm
After lunch, we then went to Crocodile Farm, a jeep ride is P22. Our last stop is the souvenir shop. You can use your credit cards in some shops.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Gift from Nivea - Thanks!

First, I would like to say sorry to Nivea for posting this a little late since the package arrived on October 26. I so busy and I can't find time to blog. Obviously I still haven't blog about our trip in Puerto Princesa, it's been a month then.

Anyway, I really appreciate the gift since both of us- Sundae and I, would benefit from it. Although I was expecting the gift would contain items for Sundae only. =)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Updated: My Traveled Map

Before - I was traveling with my friends, but now, it's either the three of us or me and my Sundae. Here is a snapshot of places I've been.

My Lakbayan grade is C-!


My Lakbayan grade is C!How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!
Created by Eugene Villar.

Still got no updated in Visayas and Mindano. I hope we our plan to visit Bohol -Cebu will not be postponed so I could mark at least two places in Visayas. We'll be blogging our visit in Palawan once of these days.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Drypers Fireworks Launch

I got this from Drypers Fireworks Launch
Thank you so much SCA Hygiene for giving me a chance to be a Mombassador. I got all these freebies during the Drypers Fireworks Launch at Crown Plaza - Ortigas. Can't get these from other diaper brands. That's why I love Drypers ever since. I really recommend Drypers to my friends since it doesn't cause rashes to my Sundae.

The event was divided into two sessions, one in morning and one in the afternoon. I'm for afternoon session. It was also attended by  celebrity moms, Aubrey Miles, Angelu de Leon, Mylene Dizon, and Jaqui Manzano.

I love being a mom! I have a wonderful daughter and Drypers helps me in upbringing her. More power to Drypers and SCA Hygiene!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Invitation from Drypers

Invitation from Drypers
I'm one of the first 50 mommies who commented YES to Drypers' post in their Facebook. Happening on September 22, 2012 at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ortigas. I'm so excited to attend this event since we really love using Drypers. I'm wondering what would be new with Drypers. Excited with the gifts and to meet other Drypers moms too.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Exchange your Drypers Empty Wrappers for Exciting Gifts

Drypers Wee Wee Dry is inviting all Mommies to exchange empty wrappers for exciting prizes for the whole family.

Gifts for Mommies gift certificates in Mercury Drug, Sodexo, Starbucks, Spa and National Book Store. While for Daddies are movie passes, Army Navy and Bruno's Haircut gift certificates and Petron e-card. There is also gifts for babies like Avent feeding bottles, baby monitor and Toys R Us gift certificates. Others gifts includes Drypers colored shirts, umbrella and Libresse. Visit www.drypersgiftsforgrabs.com for complete details and to see the corresponding points for each gift.

The more Drypers you buy, the more points you have, the more gifts to choose from! So hurry! Gift items are on a first come, first served basis. I have redeemed mine! Picture is no longer available since I already used it to buy 4 DVDs for my Sundae and milk dispenser =).

Friday, June 22, 2012

Help Baby Company Hit 16K Fans!

Baby Company Facebook fan page is close to reach 16k fans. If they do hit their target, they would give special gifts to 7 lucky winners! So share their Facebook Page to your friends and family to hit the 16,000 mark. 

If the target was hit by end of June, they will give way additional Gymboree Class Pass (worth P1,000) to the 7 lucky winners.

Spread and share the page now!


Almost two months since my last post huh, that's how busy am I?

Well anyway, I have my Sundae take a picture a Great Image courtesy of her pedia, I wish she smiles wider.  Photoshop make her skin fair..hehe..

She's now 1 year and 5 months (turning 6 on July 1st). Some words are now clear and she knows where to get her milk. She can distinguish dog and cat. Recently she know chicken (chicky as she call it). I can also hear her sings at the tune of I Love You by Barney, sings her alphabet (A B and D agad..=) count 1 2 3 on her fingers and toes without moving from fingers to fingers.

taken on April 14, 2012
Will tell more about her kakulitan on my next post..I got to go!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Barney Space Adventure-April 26

Never have a nice picture I only use my phone taking pics.=(
But my Sundae really have a great time watching. She would clap and dance whenever she knows what Barney is singing. She waive hi and she would smile at me and will look at the stage again. No one can pay the happiness she had last night.

I hope we could win a Mickey Mouse concert ticket too =) or a trip to Disneyland.

Sundae; Pagudpod-Vigan Trip

It's her first trip to North, 10hours Cubao-Laoag and another 2hours Laoag-Pagudpud. Sundae is so behave during the trip and she just slept.

We saw the package at Sulit, the price we paid is a bit different than the ad since Kuya Glen said it's not updated. You know the oil price hike and all. We were endorse by Kuya Glen to Kuya Elmer since he already have commitment with other travelers.

Arrived at Laoag, 4am then go straight to Pagudpud. Had our breakfast by the beach, lobster and sinigang na isda. Solve ang kumakalam na sikmura =)

Going back to my Sundae, I know she love to travel as much as I did. She also love the nature, I didn't expect her reaction upon seeing the Kabigan Falls. Pointing at the falls then she said "wwoooowww". I know this is the start of her adventure. I want to introduce to her life before having her.

I'm so excited for our next tour.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

We'll Watch Barney Space Adventure Tonight

Long time no blog! Hmp, miss this. Anyways, I bought a Barney DVD for my Sundae and to my surprise they have a promo that if you purchase a Barney worth Php300 you'll get a chance to win 2 tickets and other freebies.

We draw one raffle and unfortunately we didn't get the ticket but a Thomas Luggage Tag instead. So sad for me. But I never give up, since we are going to attend the 1st birthday celebration of my friend's daughter, Bea, I decided that I will buy the DVD again as my gift.

And when I draw the raffle, it's the ticket!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tantrums, how to deal?

Last night my Sundae throws tantrums. She wants to be in front of the ref with its door open. Her dad didn't let her and so she cried. I don't want to see her cry because my heart cries as well. I gave her a toy but she just threw it. And then I decided to give her what she wants. I opened the ref and let her do what she wants. But she never stop crying.

She's crying for about 20 minutes and I really don't know what to do how to stop her. I don't give her milk since we just ate our dinner. And now I started to cry as well, my heart melts seeing her cry. This is when I decided to give her milk and to my surprise she still takes it even we just have our dinner. =) Oh my, she really has the appetite. Now she started to calm down, I don't know if it is because of the milk or seeing me cry too.

Moms, can you tell me how you deal with your precious' tantrums as I really don't have idea on how to?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

50% OFF on Baby Company Products

Mommies enjoy the month-long sale of Baby Company products, including clothes and accessories. Up to 50% OFF on great selections. You will also get a free pet buddy bags with a minimum single-receipt purchase of Baby Company items worth P2,000. 

So, hurry now this weekend! Do not forget to bring you MomCard to earn more points!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Gifts from MomCenter!

Thank you so much MomCenter, especially to Ms. Arbee, for the wonderful gifts! The package arrives on Saturday, March 3, 2012. I really hope that my blog would be of simple help to you.This is one of the many rewards of being a mom, if not for my Sundae, I won't come to know MomCenter.

Being at MomCenter is very fun and being a mom a becomes very easy. MomCenter is not just for moms, it is also for those who want to get pregnant and expecting moms. You will get to learn more of being a woman here.

Fun because they have lots of contest for us. Becoming a mom becomes easy because they have all the articles you need from getting pregnant to raising you little one.

Thanks again MomCenter

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How many words your child can say?

I found this article The 25 words every child should know by aged two.. I felt proud of my baby since at the age of 1year and 2 months, she knows 12 words in the list, although she can say it straight but at least she knew it. 

The article says that if your baby doesn't know any of these words, it doesn't mean they can't talk and understand in a normal way. These is only to detect if your child might struggle with words when they get older and can also show a deeper sign of either Autism or deafness in a child.

Here are the words that the experts say the average two year old should know are:

Thank you
Show hat
All gone
Bye Bye

Monday, February 20, 2012

Online Earnings for Mommy Bloggers

Most full time moms are engaged in blogging. But, do you know moms that aside from blogging, you may also earn online tru Pay Per Click (PPC) or Paid to Click (PTC)? There are lots of PTCs - make sure you search for a review since there are some that do not pay.

All you have to do is click on the ads in your account, wait for 20-30 seconds and you may view another ad. Registration at this sites are FREE.

You may try this PTCs:



MyBrowserCash is a bit different from other PTCs, you will earn in two ways: 1) you will install a software in your PC and the adds will pop out anytime, you need to click the link so you will earn. 2) you just have to sign in to your account and click Click Offers For Cash! under Earn Money, click the links (ads) on that page.
Aside from PTCs, another great way to earn is by sending emails with this embedded code as your signature. This is Earmailer, it allows you to earn cash from your everyday emails.  All you need to do is to embed an ad on your email signature and all your outgoing emails can potentially earn you cash, load and other incentives.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Dancing Sundae

This is how we spend the weekend, dancing, singing and lots of kulitan. Sundae would dance whenever she hears a danceable songs, and hums whenever she hears a familiar song. Watch her as she dances The APL Song.

I remember when I was still a kid, during our Patron fiest, I always have a special number representing our zone.haha..And now, my Sundae I guess would be the same..Don't under estimate my special number, I earned a lot, the mayor, councilors, chairman and other visitors would throw money on the dance floor. hehe..If ever, I would be a proud stage mother..haha..

Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy 28th Birthday to me!

It's my 28th birthday today, 20 January and I feel so blessed for having a baby like Sundae, responsible husband, who always take good care of us, real good friends around me and a good job with so nice boss and colleagues. I could not asked for more but may Daddy soon be a seaman. =)

May the good Lord always protect me and my whole family.

Sundae's first hair cut

Sundae before her 1st hair cut
Sundae with her new hairdo
Cutted at Cuts 4 Tots in Trinoma on January 2, 2012. We'll just have it trim and let it grow long. As I don't want a short hair.

Cuts 4 Tots offers P295 for hair cut with shampoo and blow dry, but we didn't avail of the shampoo and blow dry since Sundae will surely have lots of movements that would make us all wet. If you want to avail of the certificate, you just have to add P200. We do not avail of the certificate as well since I can do it for her. :) I just get a souvenir of her 1st hair cutted.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy 2nd Year Anniversary

Yesterday, January 18, is our 2nd wedding anniversary. Two years being Mrs. Marcaida completed me as a woman. I became a wife and super happy mother. In years, we may not have everything best in life, we have ups and lots of downs, but we tried to overcome those trials. Starting the day I surrender being single, I happily anticipate spending the rest of my life with Daddy Dang. I surely WANNA GROW OLD WITH YOU.

At times I got mad, thanks for the patience. At times I almost give up thanks for being my hope. We may not be perfect but we make sure that we fill each others shortcomings. I promise that I will always be your strength at times you may feel down. Words may not be enough, more anniversaries to come. Cheers!

Friday, January 13, 2012

My Sundae Turned One

After a year, my little Sundae turned one year old on the 1st day of 2012. I expected that among the 60 guests I invited, only half of them can attend. And so I'm right. Only our relatives and closed friends came. But still we had fun. I got a chance to see some of my cousins who are busy working.

Here are some of the highlights of the event.

Happy Birthday my Sundae!
Sundae with my sister-in-law, Nanay, my niece-Sam, my youngest sister Angie and Tatay.
Daddy Dang with his daddy (my father-in-law), wearing white shirt.
May you grow up healthy and as smart as mommy! I love you baby.
Her cake, made of Red Ribbon
It was celebrated at Jollibee Starmall, the party was ok but I was only disappointed with the loot bags, I ordered for the Jollitown loot bag, but they gave me a Barbie, which is not applicable for the boys. I just ignored it since it was the first day of the year and I don't want to get mad and spoil my day.