Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tantrums, how to deal?

Last night my Sundae throws tantrums. She wants to be in front of the ref with its door open. Her dad didn't let her and so she cried. I don't want to see her cry because my heart cries as well. I gave her a toy but she just threw it. And then I decided to give her what she wants. I opened the ref and let her do what she wants. But she never stop crying.

She's crying for about 20 minutes and I really don't know what to do how to stop her. I don't give her milk since we just ate our dinner. And now I started to cry as well, my heart melts seeing her cry. This is when I decided to give her milk and to my surprise she still takes it even we just have our dinner. =) Oh my, she really has the appetite. Now she started to calm down, I don't know if it is because of the milk or seeing me cry too.

Moms, can you tell me how you deal with your precious' tantrums as I really don't have idea on how to?

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