Friday, April 27, 2012

Sundae; Pagudpod-Vigan Trip

It's her first trip to North, 10hours Cubao-Laoag and another 2hours Laoag-Pagudpud. Sundae is so behave during the trip and she just slept.

We saw the package at Sulit, the price we paid is a bit different than the ad since Kuya Glen said it's not updated. You know the oil price hike and all. We were endorse by Kuya Glen to Kuya Elmer since he already have commitment with other travelers.

Arrived at Laoag, 4am then go straight to Pagudpud. Had our breakfast by the beach, lobster and sinigang na isda. Solve ang kumakalam na sikmura =)

Going back to my Sundae, I know she love to travel as much as I did. She also love the nature, I didn't expect her reaction upon seeing the Kabigan Falls. Pointing at the falls then she said "wwoooowww". I know this is the start of her adventure. I want to introduce to her life before having her.

I'm so excited for our next tour.

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