Friday, June 22, 2012

Help Baby Company Hit 16K Fans!

Baby Company Facebook fan page is close to reach 16k fans. If they do hit their target, they would give special gifts to 7 lucky winners! So share their Facebook Page to your friends and family to hit the 16,000 mark. 

If the target was hit by end of June, they will give way additional Gymboree Class Pass (worth P1,000) to the 7 lucky winners.

Spread and share the page now!


Almost two months since my last post huh, that's how busy am I?

Well anyway, I have my Sundae take a picture a Great Image courtesy of her pedia, I wish she smiles wider.  Photoshop make her skin fair..hehe..

She's now 1 year and 5 months (turning 6 on July 1st). Some words are now clear and she knows where to get her milk. She can distinguish dog and cat. Recently she know chicken (chicky as she call it). I can also hear her sings at the tune of I Love You by Barney, sings her alphabet (A B and D agad..=) count 1 2 3 on her fingers and toes without moving from fingers to fingers.

taken on April 14, 2012
Will tell more about her kakulitan on my next post..I got to go!