Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Beware of Philippine Prudential

July 1, 2013 – Monday, my husband birthday and we decided to celebrate it at SM Fairview after we fetch Sundae in school.

We arrived at around past 12pm and we want to have our lunch immediately. Then there is this gay, Kelvin Flores, who approached us and introduced himself as an agent from Philippine Prudential. He said he will give us a freebie, gym bag or wall clock. They are not selling anything just a product presentation. Just to be polite, we gave him a moment to entertain him.

He said we have a chance to win a car, trip to Thailand or event a cash. We just need to listen to the 45-minute presentation. Since it’s for free and we are not really in a hurry, we give it a try. Honestly, I have been invited by a gay named Rannie in Gateway Mall in Cubao, but, I left my card holder in the office so he said that I just came back in the afternoon. I have all the access to the internet but unfortunately I was not able to do research after that due to my hectic schedule.

Going back, we signed up the form that tells that we are willing to attend the 45-minute presentation. He walk us to their office at the lower ground floor of SM Fairview. Just like Kelvin, they all look approachable, and then they introduce me to Jessica Joy Paviscino (not sure with her last name). We listen carefully although I’m not actually interested to whatever they will offer since I already have a Sunlife Insurance and a UITF, we are after the raffle, since I thought that this might be a birthday gift to my husband.

While listening to the presentation, they took care of Sundae at the next table. So nice isn’t it?

We didn’t notice that the 45-minute presentation lapsed to what they promised. And now my Sundae is having tantrums. So my husband decided to go out and play at the Grolier shop next to the Philippine Prudential’s office. While my husband is being warned by the staffs, they are not offering me to avail the Endowment Savings, which I only have to pay Php9,000 and no monthly installment after that. I said no since I cannot afford to open for another account and might not be able to support all the finances. But they really insist that the offer is not a GASTOS instead IPON.

And now another agent came forcing me to avail kahit magkano lang mam. I said I have a discipline when it comes to shelling out money.

Good thing, Sundae is now crying so we were able to leave the place.

So next time you see gays/gals from Philippine Prudential, turn away from them. I believe you can afford to travel or even buy a car without them.