Thursday, October 2, 2014

Continuously saying goodbye to hair fall

This the 9th day I'm using the Human Heart Nature Strengthening shampoo and conditioner. I'm really happy that my hair fall is starting to get less. I can't imagine what would happen to my hair if I didn't use this product!

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9
They say that if you gave birth, something in your body will become very weak; teeth, bone or the hair fall. So to mom's, also to not moms yet, to stop hair fall, I suggest you try Human Heart Nature
Strengthening shampoo.

Shampoo is available in 50ml - Php49.75, 200ml - Php129.75 and 500ml - Php299.75. Conditioner comes in same sizes except for the price of 200ml - Php144.75. It comes in two scents; Soothing Aloe and Cool Peppermint,

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Ring that Binds Us

Our couple ring plus our Sundae' Mickey Mouse ring.
Before, we only had each other, now we have our little princess who is really growing so fast. I can't explain the happiness our little princess is giving us. What else can I ask for? I have everything..God is so good the He gave me my King and my Princess.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sundae on her Hi-5 Performance

Watching videos is my Sundae's past time. She will definitely copy whenever it is a song and dance. She likes Little Einstein, Barney and Hi-5 the most because it's more of a musical show. She loves singing and dancing. (I'm a member of the dance troupe from elementary to high school -,-).

She can easily memorize the songs that she has once heard. I remember when she watched Barbies The Princess and the Popstar movie, she is ready to copy Keira's performances. This also happens in other videos and movies she watched repeatedly.

See more of my Sundae's videos here

Friday, September 26, 2014


The kids of Escuela De La Consorcia singing the folk song Sitsiritsit. Look at my Sundae, sing and dance. Beside her has aftershock of dancing Itik Priceless..Proud mommy..Stage mom..

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Goodbye to Hair Fall!

I can’t remember when my hair fall problem started. All that I can remember is I've tried several products that say hair fall control, but none of them works for me. They say that the normal hair fall per day is 100 strands, but mine, is over a hundred. I only notice those hairs when taking a bath and combing that is still except those that fall of my shirt the whole day.

One day I went to Human Heart Nature to buy shampoo for my Sundae. The lady gave me a brochure so I would know what else their products are. When I get home, while having a rest, I browse the brochure. That is when I saw Human Nature Natural Strengthening Shampoo.

After spending the weekend with my Sundae, (which I will share pictures in my future post), I go back to the store to sign up as dealer (I signed up for the Php799 kit) and also buy the shampoo.

My Php799 sign up kit (missing Sunflower Oil - sold, catalogues and flyers)

On the first day of using it, of course I expected that nothing would change. I am expecting a result in at least 7 days. But to my surprise, I’ve noticed a visibly difference on my hair fall on the second day of using it.
My hair fall savior
Day 1 of using Human Nature Natural Strengthening Shampoo

Day 2
Will keep you posted on how this shampoo would save me from hair fall.

If you are interested to buy Human Heart Nature products, please contact me at 09277117979. Check the website for the complete products.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Did you know that…

Image courtesy of
Ear wax is not dirt..
Cleaning your ears everyday is bad..

I’m addicted to cleaning my ears, one after taking a bath and one at night after washing.

Sometime in July I feel very itchy in my ear canal, I thought it’s related with my skin asthma. So I just used the Chinese cream that I also used in my finger. But it’s no longer effective, I still feel the itch until September. On 20th, Saturday, it was very very itchy that I can’t resist scratching it with cotton buds. When I removed the cotton buds, I notice a red stain on it. I thought it’s just a simple scratch.

On the 21st, Sunday, it hurts me whenever I open my mouth and chew foods, which lasted until 22nd, Monday. That is when I finally seek the derma to see how it was related to my skin asthma. The derma looked at it and told me to have it check by the ENT as it is already infected and has nana.

I then go to the ENT, the doctor told me that he has to suction my ear because he can’t see it due to the nana. After the procedure, the doctor then explained me that cleaning our ears everyday is not good. Because the ear wax is our protection from the water that comes in when we take bath or go to swimming. With our ear wax, the water just bounces and falls off.  If you do not have ear wax, the water will stay in our ears and that causes fungus to grow.

The doctor advice me to clean ears at least once or twice a month, that is very far from my daily habit!!!  But I have to listen to him or else…

He told me to have a Canesten drop solution 3 times a day for three weeks and then go back to him after.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

August Monthly Test Result

My Sundae's monthly exam, I still haven't got a picture of her first grading result. Really worth it! So proud! No words can express how I feel when I saw this! This makes me forget that having her my bank accounts savings become smaller!

I wish that she would continue having this grades. I would do anything for my everything, no matter what it takes me.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Itik Itik on Buwan ng Wika

Super cute my Sundae on their Itik Itik dance on the celebration of Buwan ng Wika. I'm really happy that not other kid, Sundae dances from the start to the end. Other kids in the group just stand and never even make a single move. Paying the costume is really worth it!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Achiever for First Grading Period

August 22, Escuela De La Consorcia celebrated Buwan ng Wika and awarded certificates to achievers for first grading. I wasn't expecting (but I'm hoping) that Sundae would be one of them. The names were called alphabetically so I waited a bit long since our last name is M.

When Sundae's name was called, I'm teary-eyed walking to the stage. I'm so proud of my little girl for showing excellence but she's not aware of it. She's just having fun at the school and not aware that she is performing well.

Will post her Itik Itik dance and singing Sitsiritsit.

Monday, August 18, 2014

My Girl on Her Moose Girl

From Disney to Moose Girl, for a change, but we are not totally saying goodbye to Disney. Take a closer look at her shoes, that’s Minnie Mouse. We are also starting to collect the Baby Alive dollies as part of growing up. Minnie and Mickey, Barney and Friends and Dora will always be her most loved of course.

Except from her leggings and dress, this is a more casual outfit when going to mall or in school activities.
Honestly speaking, I never had these toys during my childhood, that’s why we are trying to give all these to her. This is also the reason why I’m not planning to have another child. I want to give all the best to my Sundae.

I know that these things won’t be enough to make her happy, our presence would still matter to her. That is why, we never fail to call her everyday and visit her every month, but Daddy can’t make it due to a Monday to Saturday work and travelling to Quezon take about 7-8 hours. Daddy has just started to his new work so he can’t take a leave yet.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Achievement Test Result

First Achievement Test, done on 1st of July.

I can't find the word that will best describe my feelings seeing my Sundae's grade with their achievement test. All I know is I'm proud of her, being the youngest in the class, and the fact that she got higher grade among other kids there.

First periodical test was taken on 31st of July, no pictures yet as my schedule of visit is on 20th of the month, a long weekend to spend with my Sundae. It's also there celebration of Linggo ng Wika, where the class is going to dance Itik Itik.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Licealiz: Recommended for Lice and Nits

Finally, no more lice and nits! Sundae and I got these parasites with our last nanny. I tried Oilganics for almost a month but it has no effect. I prefer Oilganics because it organics and I believe it won't have bad effects on Sundae's scalp and hair.

During my stay at the province, I manually remove it on Sundae's head until it's gone. But I still saw Sundae scratching her head. That's when I finally decided to use Licealiz.

When I visited her on July, I bought a bottle of Licealiz. After our first use, I notice that she is no longer scratching her head that often.Nits are dead now so it will no longer infest to her head.

I also bought one for me as I was also infested. I have used it twice and I no longer feel itchy head.

Gone are the days of scratching our heads..we are lice and nitz free..

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sundae on Her Type A School Uniform

Looks like a Sunday dress, but it's their type A school uniform. The director designed the uniform that way so kids can move and feel comfortable.

Ready for school..

La Escuela De La Consorcia, Lopez, Quezon has 3 types of uniforms. Type B is a blouse and skirt, it is not yet issued, but they already get the sizes of the kids and the PE uniform will post it soon.

Sundae enjoys her school now. I'm glad that she already know how to be friend, she is not fighting other kids now. I remember when we attended the Drypers Firework Launch kids are getting stress because she only wants to have all the toys in the playground. No matter how I tried to talk to her that she needs to play and share with the other kids, she still do whatever she wants because at home, she has all the toys in her and she's not sharing with anyone else.

But now, she is really a grown up. She already share things, although at times she still don't, but at least she's learning. Because she is now living with her cousin Sam and of course she go to school now.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Long Distance with Sundae

Since March this year, we already sent Sundae to my parents in Lopez, Quezon. We were traumatized for the last nanny we got. She's from Bataan and was referred by my brother-in-law, he said this girl looks after her younger siblings, so she knows how to take care of our Sundae. She came on January 26, during that time, it was Daddy Dang's cousin, Ate Mica, who looks after our Sundae.

Sundae looks good then, she was very healthy. Ate Mica never fails to give her vitamins and eat at the right time. But she is about to leave also for Saudi that's why we need another nanny.

We told her everything she needs to do with our Sundae, Ate Mica is also guiding her. Until Ate Mica left, we always remind her what to do before we left the house for work. However, as days go by it's as if it is always her first day in the house. She let Sundae stay too close on the TV, she can't see it because she's busy texting.

I also notice that Sundae keeps on scratching her head. Then this time, Daddy asked her (nanny) if she has lice she never lied, she has. I look at her head and to my surprise! That is toooooo many! Too late for us that our Sundae got it as well!

She said she will go home on her mother's birthday, I never stopped her and that is also the time that we decided to send Sundae to my Nanay.

As of now, Sundae is already going to school as nursery again, but this time it's for real.

I was able to spent more time with her, however, I can't take care of her, I can't bathe her, carry her, everything that needs two arms. I can only help her with her lessons.

I left on June 23 after my 1 month leave, actually the doctor told me to rest for 2 months but, I feel I can go to work since I only have to do some calls and check account of our clients.

My last visit was July 25-29, treat her to Jollibee and bring her to SM Lucena with Nanay and her cousin Sam. We also met my elder brother and her family there.

We prefer to sent Sundae to my parents assured that she is doing well there than staying with and leaving her with a nanny that we are not sure how she was.
Camp out, brownout for almost 3 weeks due to typhoon Glenda

Lunch at Buddy's SM Lucena with my elder brother (left), sis-in-law (feeding Sundae) and cousin Dimebag

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

CamSur Part 2: CWC

May 25, so it was our last day at Camsur. Last destination is the CWC Watersports Complex. From Sabang port, we took a jeep going to Goa where we took a minibus going to CWC. Upon arriving,  we first had our lunch.
Briefing before we start boarding
When I wear my helmet, I know it's a little loose, but I didn't dare go back to change it since it's too hot. So I fall in line now. It's my turn now, as I was riding the board, my helmet is starting to fall off my eyes that I can't see what is in front of me.
All aboard..
When I raise my head, it was too late, I'm in front of a ramp now and too late for me to avoid it and more dangerous if I let go as it's my face the might hit the ramp. So all I did was to go over the ramp, I was at the end of the ramp now, so I thought I'm already safe, when the cable was pulled again to continue, something really bad happened, I hit the ramp and broke my arm.

You know what, I really believe that this is my second life. That God saved me and to broke my arm is the least that HE can do to save me from even worst. You know it's only a split second that the cable may loose then pull the boarder harder. But in my case, I only realize after the accident happened, I feel that the time stopped and God is telling me to let go so I won't get hurt. But because I'm really determined to finish the lap, I didn't hear what He was telling me.

The sad face looking for me..maybe she knows something bad will happen to her mommy deary.
I was rushed to Mother Seton hospital. The staff of the CWC was there with me until they know that I'm good to go and be transferred to my family. I was given first aid and they cast my arm for safe travel.

See a closer look at the upper right side, see my broken elbow?
I stayed in our house in Quezon on the night of the 25th May before we go to Lucena City to look for specialist. I was admitted at Lucena Doctors and undergone open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF). The doctor said the operation will last for 2hours but according to my family it lasted for 4 and half hours. According to the doctor it took that long because my bone is not only dislocated, but has also some crushed parts.

This is after the operation, when I get back to my sense, I immediately look for my little girl.
This is how my arm was after the operation.
First cleaning, 2 days after the operation.
As of this writing, I have been into 5 sessions of theraphy so I could bend and straighten my arm fast and avoid faulty-handed.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Conquers CamSur at 3

May 22-25, 2014: We left Quezon City at 7:30pm via DLTB bus fare is Php760 and we reach Goa at around 7am of 23rd May. From Goa, we took a tricycle going to Sabang Port, fare is Php30 and it can accommodate around 5-7 passengers. In Sabang Port we took a boat going to the house of my cousin's husband where we are going to stay before heading to Caramoan, boat fare is Php for 10pax.

Sample IT


Day 1
Broom, broom from Manila via DLTB
8:00 pm

Day 2
Hello there, Sabang Port (Lagonoy, Cam. Sur)
8:00 am

Boat ride to Brgy. Cabotonan (Haybol nila Jayr)
8:30 am

Breakfast, rest, etc.

Off to Aguirangan Island
Note:  Walang kuryente sa isla, uwi din before sunset
10:00 am - 1:00 pm

River trek to Bilog Falls
2:00 pm

Dinner, rest, bonding at haybol

Day 3
Wake up call/prep/breakfast
4:00 am

Caramoan Islands assault
5:00 am

Day 4
Wake up call/breakfast/Prep/Pack up
5:00 am

To Sabang port
7-7:30 am

Sabang port to CWC (via van/bus)
7:30 am

Welcome to CamSur Wakeboard Center, Pili, Cam Sur!
8:30 am

To Naga City
10:00 am

Lunch, pasyal, etc.

Gorabells na! Goodbye Cam Sur
6:00 pm

Hello again, Manila.  Back to reality.
4:00 am


View of Mt. Isarog on our way to Goa

Boat going to my cousin's hubby house in Brgy. Cabotonan

View of Mayon Volcano on our way to the house.

Lunch time, 23rd May, day 1

Swimming at the Bilog falls, river crossing before we get here.

Videoke at night

On our way to Caramoan island hopping, 24th May day 2.

First stop, near Gota island, Gota was closed due to survivor shooting.

Oh how she loves the sand :)
I was not able to took out my cam again for the next islands due to rainshower. On our way back to house, a heavy rain fall. We are all wet and tired. A bit nervous due to lightnings. Thank God, the sea is still calm and no tall waves came our way.

We arrived home safe and sound :) But I was not safe on our last day, 25th May. Find out on my next post.