Tuesday, August 5, 2014

CamSur Part 2: CWC

May 25, so it was our last day at Camsur. Last destination is the CWC Watersports Complex. From Sabang port, we took a jeep going to Goa where we took a minibus going to CWC. Upon arriving,  we first had our lunch.
Briefing before we start boarding
When I wear my helmet, I know it's a little loose, but I didn't dare go back to change it since it's too hot. So I fall in line now. It's my turn now, as I was riding the board, my helmet is starting to fall off my eyes that I can't see what is in front of me.
All aboard..
When I raise my head, it was too late, I'm in front of a ramp now and too late for me to avoid it and more dangerous if I let go as it's my face the might hit the ramp. So all I did was to go over the ramp, I was at the end of the ramp now, so I thought I'm already safe, when the cable was pulled again to continue, something really bad happened, I hit the ramp and broke my arm.

You know what, I really believe that this is my second life. That God saved me and to broke my arm is the least that HE can do to save me from even worst. You know it's only a split second that the cable may loose then pull the boarder harder. But in my case, I only realize after the accident happened, I feel that the time stopped and God is telling me to let go so I won't get hurt. But because I'm really determined to finish the lap, I didn't hear what He was telling me.

The sad face looking for me..maybe she knows something bad will happen to her mommy deary.
I was rushed to Mother Seton hospital. The staff of the CWC was there with me until they know that I'm good to go and be transferred to my family. I was given first aid and they cast my arm for safe travel.

See a closer look at the upper right side, see my broken elbow?
I stayed in our house in Quezon on the night of the 25th May before we go to Lucena City to look for specialist. I was admitted at Lucena Doctors and undergone open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF). The doctor said the operation will last for 2hours but according to my family it lasted for 4 and half hours. According to the doctor it took that long because my bone is not only dislocated, but has also some crushed parts.

This is after the operation, when I get back to my sense, I immediately look for my little girl.
This is how my arm was after the operation.
First cleaning, 2 days after the operation.
As of this writing, I have been into 5 sessions of theraphy so I could bend and straighten my arm fast and avoid faulty-handed.

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