Monday, August 11, 2014

Licealiz: Recommended for Lice and Nits

Finally, no more lice and nits! Sundae and I got these parasites with our last nanny. I tried Oilganics for almost a month but it has no effect. I prefer Oilganics because it organics and I believe it won't have bad effects on Sundae's scalp and hair.

During my stay at the province, I manually remove it on Sundae's head until it's gone. But I still saw Sundae scratching her head. That's when I finally decided to use Licealiz.

When I visited her on July, I bought a bottle of Licealiz. After our first use, I notice that she is no longer scratching her head that often.Nits are dead now so it will no longer infest to her head.

I also bought one for me as I was also infested. I have used it twice and I no longer feel itchy head.

Gone are the days of scratching our heads..we are lice and nitz free..

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