Thursday, August 7, 2014

Long Distance with Sundae

Since March this year, we already sent Sundae to my parents in Lopez, Quezon. We were traumatized for the last nanny we got. She's from Bataan and was referred by my brother-in-law, he said this girl looks after her younger siblings, so she knows how to take care of our Sundae. She came on January 26, during that time, it was Daddy Dang's cousin, Ate Mica, who looks after our Sundae.

Sundae looks good then, she was very healthy. Ate Mica never fails to give her vitamins and eat at the right time. But she is about to leave also for Saudi that's why we need another nanny.

We told her everything she needs to do with our Sundae, Ate Mica is also guiding her. Until Ate Mica left, we always remind her what to do before we left the house for work. However, as days go by it's as if it is always her first day in the house. She let Sundae stay too close on the TV, she can't see it because she's busy texting.

I also notice that Sundae keeps on scratching her head. Then this time, Daddy asked her (nanny) if she has lice she never lied, she has. I look at her head and to my surprise! That is toooooo many! Too late for us that our Sundae got it as well!

She said she will go home on her mother's birthday, I never stopped her and that is also the time that we decided to send Sundae to my Nanay.

As of now, Sundae is already going to school as nursery again, but this time it's for real.

I was able to spent more time with her, however, I can't take care of her, I can't bathe her, carry her, everything that needs two arms. I can only help her with her lessons.

I left on June 23 after my 1 month leave, actually the doctor told me to rest for 2 months but, I feel I can go to work since I only have to do some calls and check account of our clients.

My last visit was July 25-29, treat her to Jollibee and bring her to SM Lucena with Nanay and her cousin Sam. We also met my elder brother and her family there.

We prefer to sent Sundae to my parents assured that she is doing well there than staying with and leaving her with a nanny that we are not sure how she was.
Camp out, brownout for almost 3 weeks due to typhoon Glenda

Lunch at Buddy's SM Lucena with my elder brother (left), sis-in-law (feeding Sundae) and cousin Dimebag

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