Monday, August 18, 2014

My Girl on Her Moose Girl

From Disney to Moose Girl, for a change, but we are not totally saying goodbye to Disney. Take a closer look at her shoes, that’s Minnie Mouse. We are also starting to collect the Baby Alive dollies as part of growing up. Minnie and Mickey, Barney and Friends and Dora will always be her most loved of course.

Except from her leggings and dress, this is a more casual outfit when going to mall or in school activities.
Honestly speaking, I never had these toys during my childhood, that’s why we are trying to give all these to her. This is also the reason why I’m not planning to have another child. I want to give all the best to my Sundae.

I know that these things won’t be enough to make her happy, our presence would still matter to her. That is why, we never fail to call her everyday and visit her every month, but Daddy can’t make it due to a Monday to Saturday work and travelling to Quezon take about 7-8 hours. Daddy has just started to his new work so he can’t take a leave yet.

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