Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sundae on Her Type A School Uniform

Looks like a Sunday dress, but it's their type A school uniform. The director designed the uniform that way so kids can move and feel comfortable.

Ready for school..

La Escuela De La Consorcia, Lopez, Quezon has 3 types of uniforms. Type B is a blouse and skirt, it is not yet issued, but they already get the sizes of the kids and the PE uniform will post it soon.

Sundae enjoys her school now. I'm glad that she already know how to be friend, she is not fighting other kids now. I remember when we attended the Drypers Firework Launch kids are getting stress because she only wants to have all the toys in the playground. No matter how I tried to talk to her that she needs to play and share with the other kids, she still do whatever she wants because at home, she has all the toys in her and she's not sharing with anyone else.

But now, she is really a grown up. She already share things, although at times she still don't, but at least she's learning. Because she is now living with her cousin Sam and of course she go to school now.

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