Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Ring that Binds Us

Our couple ring plus our Sundae' Mickey Mouse ring.
Before, we only had each other, now we have our little princess who is really growing so fast. I can't explain the happiness our little princess is giving us. What else can I ask for? I have everything..God is so good the He gave me my King and my Princess.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sundae on her Hi-5 Performance

Watching videos is my Sundae's past time. She will definitely copy whenever it is a song and dance. She likes Little Einstein, Barney and Hi-5 the most because it's more of a musical show. She loves singing and dancing. (I'm a member of the dance troupe from elementary to high school -,-).

She can easily memorize the songs that she has once heard. I remember when she watched Barbies The Princess and the Popstar movie, she is ready to copy Keira's performances. This also happens in other videos and movies she watched repeatedly.

See more of my Sundae's videos here

Friday, September 26, 2014


The kids of Escuela De La Consorcia singing the folk song Sitsiritsit. Look at my Sundae, sing and dance. Beside her has aftershock of dancing Itik Itik..lol.. Priceless..Proud mommy..Stage mom..

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Goodbye to Hair Fall!

I can’t remember when my hair fall problem started. All that I can remember is I've tried several products that say hair fall control, but none of them works for me. They say that the normal hair fall per day is 100 strands, but mine, is over a hundred. I only notice those hairs when taking a bath and combing that is still except those that fall of my shirt the whole day.

One day I went to Human Heart Nature to buy shampoo for my Sundae. The lady gave me a brochure so I would know what else their products are. When I get home, while having a rest, I browse the brochure. That is when I saw Human Nature Natural Strengthening Shampoo.

After spending the weekend with my Sundae, (which I will share pictures in my future post), I go back to the store to sign up as dealer (I signed up for the Php799 kit) and also buy the shampoo.

My Php799 sign up kit (missing Sunflower Oil - sold, catalogues and flyers)

On the first day of using it, of course I expected that nothing would change. I am expecting a result in at least 7 days. But to my surprise, I’ve noticed a visibly difference on my hair fall on the second day of using it.
My hair fall savior
Day 1 of using Human Nature Natural Strengthening Shampoo

Day 2
Will keep you posted on how this shampoo would save me from hair fall.

If you are interested to buy Human Heart Nature products, please contact me at 09277117979. Check the website https://humanheartnature.com/buy/ for the complete products.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Did you know that…

Image courtesy of http://www.compostthis.co.uk/cotton-buds
Ear wax is not dirt..
Cleaning your ears everyday is bad..

I’m addicted to cleaning my ears, one after taking a bath and one at night after washing.

Sometime in July I feel very itchy in my ear canal, I thought it’s related with my skin asthma. So I just used the Chinese cream that I also used in my finger. But it’s no longer effective, I still feel the itch until September. On 20th, Saturday, it was very very itchy that I can’t resist scratching it with cotton buds. When I removed the cotton buds, I notice a red stain on it. I thought it’s just a simple scratch.

On the 21st, Sunday, it hurts me whenever I open my mouth and chew foods, which lasted until 22nd, Monday. That is when I finally seek the derma to see how it was related to my skin asthma. The derma looked at it and told me to have it check by the ENT as it is already infected and has nana.

I then go to the ENT, the doctor told me that he has to suction my ear because he can’t see it due to the nana. After the procedure, the doctor then explained me that cleaning our ears everyday is not good. Because the ear wax is our protection from the water that comes in when we take bath or go to swimming. With our ear wax, the water just bounces and falls off.  If you do not have ear wax, the water will stay in our ears and that causes fungus to grow.

The doctor advice me to clean ears at least once or twice a month, that is very far from my daily habit!!!  But I have to listen to him or else…

He told me to have a Canesten drop solution 3 times a day for three weeks and then go back to him after.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

August Monthly Test Result

My Sundae's monthly exam, I still haven't got a picture of her first grading result. Really worth it! So proud! No words can express how I feel when I saw this! This makes me forget that having her my bank accounts savings become smaller!

I wish that she would continue having this grades. I would do anything for my everything, no matter what it takes me.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Itik Itik on Buwan ng Wika

Super cute my Sundae on their Itik Itik dance on the celebration of Buwan ng Wika. I'm really happy that not other kid, Sundae dances from the start to the end. Other kids in the group just stand and never even make a single move. Paying the costume is really worth it!