Friday, March 13, 2015

Boracay Getaway 2015

After more than a month, at last I got a chance to post this. It was a very short vacation, 3days 2nights only, well because it’s not yet end of school year and not a long weekend for me. It’s good thing pa rin naman because the place is not too crowded. You can move around the area very well.

It’s my first time at Bora and I was really really to the Nth level astonished seeing the place. It was really amazing! Even my Sundae always says “it’s amazing”! Glad she knows how to appreciate beautiful places. I remember her reaction seeing Kabigan Falls in Ilocos… she’s only 1 year then, she said Woow!

We didn’t get a tour package; we just stayed at the island walking around. Although we wanted to go to other islands, we just can’t because my mother is afraid of sailing.

If are planning to go to Boracay, it's more ideal to take Caticlan than Kalibo. Since it's our first time and I didn't read any blogs, and the deal is Manila-Kalibo, I don't have choice but to arrive in Kalibo. Anyways, if you take Kalibo, you have to travel by land for 2 more hours going to the Jetty Port. Barge travel would only take 15mins to reach the island. Then from the port another 10mins travel by land and you're there. 

So behave while having her hair braids.

The famous sand castle.

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