Monday, March 23, 2015

Dito ka na lang lagi Mommy..

These words are like thousands..millions..billions.. argh..countless needles that are pinning into my heart when my Sundae told me when I say goodbye to her one day after her Moving Up Ceremony.

Separation is the battle that every mother can't win. I been fighting this since I started to go back to work after two months of giving birth until now that I have to leave her with my parents because no one could take care of her the way expected them to.

My sister and sister-in-law told her that they will go swimming, but she told me that I should go too. I just told her that I will wait for Daddy and will follow them. I don't want to lie to you baby, but I have to.

You know how much I wanted to stay beside you, send you to school everyday, play with you the way we did when you are still with us, watch your favorite videos together, sing and dance like Barney and Dora. Tap your drums like the Little Einstein.

The pain of saying goodbye..

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