Thursday, June 8, 2017

Local Tour is Fun: Rediscover Manila and Quezon City

Rizal Park
 Meet Gat. Jose Rizal: "He is our national hero," were her words upon telling her that it is the monument of Jose Rizal. It was just so annoying to see a building beside the monument so I just find an angle where it can't be seen :).
Calesa ride in Luneta
Our first calesa ride :) Yes, at this age, it is my first time to ride the calesa. It was fun but at the same time there is something in my heart that's hurting, hindi ba animal cruelty yun? Thou hindi naman sya pinapalo ni Kuyang Kutsero. If so, kindly forgive us, for the sake of experience lang po.

Chinese Garden
 After meeting Gat. Jose Rizal, we entered the Chinese Garden, it has a P10 entrance fee but kids are free, not sure until what age. We didn't stayed there for a long time, crowded sya ng mga dating very young couples.
Quezon City Memorial Circle Underpass
Before heading home, we stopped at Quezon City Memorial Circle to have dinner.

It was a tiring day but we had fun.

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